Hello, and welcome…

So this is my blog.

I like Football Manager. A lot. Not as much as some, but more than most.

My playing days began with a copy of Championship Manager 2: The Foreign Leagues, which allowed me to play as teams from Italy, Germany and France.

From those glory days, I moved onto CM 00/01 with my glorious Arsenal team, and CM 01/02 where I took Middlesbrough to untold glory. I dabbled with CM03 on the xBox where I guided Ipswich to European wins, through to FM10, where my Spurs side won the lot.

Sadly, as life moves on, my playing time has become more limited. My laptop is old and decrepit, and barely plays FM13 so I’ve never been able to move onto the later iterations of the game.

Any adventures you read about will be from my FM13 saves. But just because they’re from a few years ago, doesn’t mean they can’t be just as fun. Just ask Iain Macintosh.

I hope you enjoy my blog.